At Coolbex, Be Cool Tomorrow represents our path to a more sustainable future. It represents every step we take within our organisation to contribute to this common goal, as well as our hope of inspiring others to do the same. It stands for the idea that together we can make a difference.

In short, it is a vision and an approach in one: let us lead our lives in such a way that we contribute to a better future. Let's Be Cool Tomorrow!

Let’s make a change

All of our new 2O22 styles made with polyester contain recycled plastic bottles.

As one of the first in our market, we have decided to make the Coolbex production of our sportswear more environmentally friendly. With our new styles, made from recycled plastic bottles, we can make a small contribution to reducing the impact of polyester production on the environment.

Our recycled polyester offers the same high quality properties as “normal” polyester, but its production requires much less energy and causes significantly less CO2 emissions. Recycling gives a new use to existing material that would otherwise end up as plastic waste in landfills or in our oceans.

Did you know that

... every year more than 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in our oceans and kills millions of sea birds and other animals?

... 1 million plastic bottles are bought per minute worldwide?

... only 9% of the plastic ever made is recycled?



Our super soft organic T-shirts and Jumpers are made from 100% OCS certified organic cotton, grown without the use of toxic and stubborn pesticides and fertilizers. Sustainable, environmentally friendly cultivation contributes to the protection and conservation of our water resources, to the restoration and improvement of soil fertility and to the protection of our planet in general.

Our organic styles are eco-friendly, fashionable and absolutely gentle on the skin. These styles offer all the benefits of a classic T-shirt and Jumper, and at the same time the good feeling of having made a small contribution to protecting the environment.


Our OCS-certified organic cotton is produced according to strict guidelines and standards of organic farming. The cultivation of organic cotton preserves the health of the soil, nature and people, because instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, only natural means and sustainable methods are used. The use of toxic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (eg seeds) is prohibited. Instead, growing organic cotton combines tradition, innovation and science for the benefit of the environment and to create a good quality of life for all.

Each collection contains new products made from sustainable materials. Coolbex's goal is to deliver 100% sustainable products by 2025. We can't wait to show you what else we have in store!

Be Cool Tomorrow Collection

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